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MSC Virtuosa British Isles Drinks Package Guide

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Check out the MSC Virtuosa British Isles Drinks Package Guide. As of May 2021 MSC Virtuosa are doing british isle cruises for vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons until the end of the summer.


What Packages Are Available on MSC?

Easy Package

The easy package includes

  • Draught Beer
  • Selection of house wines by the glass
  • Selection of classic cocktails
  • Mixed drinks and non-alcoholic drinks including mocktails
  • Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass
  • Bottled mineral water
  • Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea)

Terms and Conditions of the Easy Package

  1. Beverage packages are not transferable i.e not shared with other guests.
  2. One beverage per order.
  3. Violation may result in cancellation of the drinks package without refund.
  4. Packages sold on a per cruise basis.
  5. Pricing applies to each day of the cruise except for disembarkation day
  6. Once activated, packages cannot be terminated on board.
  7. Packages must be purchased by all guests in the same cabin.
  8. If you are travelling with minors, the minors package must be purchased.
  9. No package needs to be purchased for a minor if they are under three years of age.
  10. These exclusions apply: tobacco, souvenir glasses, ice cream menu, retail items, minibar, signature venues including Venchi, Lavazza Coffee Shops, Jean Philippe Chocolate, Crepes & Gelato. All guests must be legal age to drink alcohol.
  11. Beverages be substituted based on availability and itinerary.


Main Drinks Menu on the MSC Virtuosa

Signature Cocktails Drinks Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (£)
Santa Teresa ManhattanSanta Teresa 1796 rum, orange bitters, red vermouth14
The Macallan CocktailThe Macallan Quest, honey syrup, red vermouth, dash of Angostura bitters14
SkyfallHendrick's gin, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar syrup, blueberry liqueur, mint leaves, tonic water14
Royal French 75Remy Martin XO cognac, freshly squeezed lemon juice, champagne14
Beluga HoneyBeluga vodka, honey syrup, simple syrup, passion fruit puree14
Patron Mint CoolerPatron Silver tequila, pineapple juice, orange juice, fresh ginger. fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint leaves14
New HorizonsZocapa 23 rum, Maker's Mark bourbon, Galliano, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, almond syrup14

Contemporary Classics Drinks Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (£)
Sapphire MartiniBombay Sapphire gin, Martini dry, olive or lemon peel10
Royal ManhattanCrown Royal, Martini Rosso, angostura10
Cuban DaiquiriBacardi Superior white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup10
Absolut CosmoAbsolut Citron vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, Rose's Lime10
Martell SidecarMartell VS cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice, sugar syrup10
Classic MargaritaJose Cuervo silver tequila, sweet & sour mix, lime juice10
Stoly Moscow MuleStolichnaya vodka, lime, ginger ale10
Mimosa BlossomAbsolut Mango vodka, Galliano, orange juice, prosecco10
Bombay FizzBombay Sapphire Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda10
Aperol SpritzAperol, prosecco, club soda10
Leblon CaipirinhaLeblon cachaca, diced lime, sugar10
Jalisco Tequila SunriseJose Cuervo silver tequila, orange juice, grenadine10
Absolut Bloody MaryAbsolut classic vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce10
Ultimate Iced TeaSmirnoff vodka, Bacardi Rum, Beefeater gin, Jose Cuervo silver tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour mix, cola10
Bacardi MojitoBacardi Superior white rum, fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar, club soda10
Bailey's AlexanderBailey's Irish Cream, dark creme de cacao, cream10
NegroniBeefeater London Dry gin, Bitter Campari, Martini Rosso vermouth10
Pink & PinkGordon's Premium Pink gin, cranberry juice, lemonade10

Cognac & Brandy Drinks Menu (Spirits)

Cognac & BrandyPrice (£)
Remy Martin XO21
Martell XO20
Armagnac Janneau XO14
Remy Martin VSOP14
Hennessy VS14
Martell VSOP12
Martell VS10
Cardinal Mendoza9
Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Vira8

Tropical Treasures Drinks Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (£)
Ultimate Mai-TaiBicardi Superior white rum, Captain Morgan Spiced rum, Diraranno Amaretto, pineapple juice, orange juice, sweet & sour mix, grenadine10
Coco LocoHavana Club 3 Anos rum, Malibu coconut liqeur, Pina Colada mix, mango puree, fruit punch10
Jamaican ParadiseMyer's rum, Malibu coconut rum, Jose Cuervo, silver tequila, Midori melon liqueur, blue curacao, sweet & sour mix10
Miami Beach Iced TeaBicardi Superior White Rum, Beefeater gin, Smirnoff vodka, Cuervo silver tequila, blue curacao, simple syrup, lemonade 10
Razz MojitoBacardi Razz rum, raspberry puree, fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar, club soda10
Mango MojitoBacardi Mango rum, mango puree, fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar, club soda10
Molokai ZombieMyers's rum, Bacardi Superior White Rum, lemongrass syrup, Disaronno Amararetto10

Frozen Drinks Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (£)
Mango Tropical TrooperBacardi Mango rum, peach schnapps, triple sec, mango juice, fresh mint10
Rock LobsterMalibu coconut rum, banana liqueur, grenadine, fresh banana, pineapple and orange juice, Bacardi Black rum110
Ultimate Pina ColadaBacardi Superior white rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, fresh pineapple10
B.B.CBailey's Irish Cream, Bacardi Superior white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, fresh banana10
Miami ViceA delightful bicolour concoction, half Strawberry Daiquiri and half Pina Colada10
Original Strawberry DaiquiriBacardi Superior white rum, strawberry puree, sweet and sour mix10

Mocktails Drinks Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (£)
Pina Colada ZeroFresh pineapple, coconut cream, pineapple juice, milk7
Strawberry Daiquiri ZeroStrawberry puree, sweet & sour mix, sugar syrup7
Mojito ZeroLime, fresh mint leaves, sugar, Mojito mix, club soda7
Coco Loco ZeroPina Colada mix, mango puree, fruit punch7
Sea BreezeCranberry, orange and grapefruit juice, pomegranate syrup7
AlohaGrapefruit juice, sweet & sour mix, Falernum tiki-mix, rose syrup, tonic water7
Magic IslandPineapple, orange and lemon juice, grenadine, lemonade7
Fruit SmoothieFruit punch, fresh banana, papaya and mango puree7

Whisky Drinks Menu (Spirits)

Whisky/WhiskeyPrice (£)
Chivas Royal Salute 21Y17
Lagavulin 16Y16
The Macallan Quest14
Glenmorangie 10Y14
Woodford Reserve12
Nikka Days12
Chivas Regal 12Y10
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12Y10
Maker's Mark10
Jack Daniel's Old NO7 Brand10
Crown Royal9
Jameson Irish9
Johnnie Walker Red Label9
Dewar's White Label9
Canadian Club9
Ballantine's Finest8
Jim Bean White Label8

Vodka Drinks Menu (Spirits)

VodkaPrice (£)
Beluga Noble Vodka14
Absolut Elyx11
Grey Goose10

Tequila Drinks Menu (Spirits)

TequilaPrice (£)
Herradura Reposado Premium14
Patron Silver14
Don Julio Silver10
Jose Cuervo Gold8
Jose Cuervo Silver8

Gin Drinks Menu (Spirits)

GinPrice (£)
The Botanist Gin14
Tanqueray NoTen10
Bombay Sapphire10
Gordon's Premium Pink9

Rum Drinks Menu (Spirits)

RumPrice (£)
Rhum Agricole de la Martinique J.M Reserve Speciale14
Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera14
Ron Zacapa 23Y14
Bacardi 8 Anos10
Havana Club 7 Anos10
Bacardi Black9
Bacardi Superior White8
Havana Club 3 Anos8
Captain Morgan Spiced8

Cognac & Brandy Drinks Menu (Spirits)

Cognac & BrandyPrice (£)
Remy Martin XO21
Martell XO20
Armagnac Janneau XO14
Remy Martin VSOP14
Hennessy VS14
Martell VSOP12
Martell VS10
Cardinal Mendoza9
Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Vira8

Aperitifs Drinks Menu (Spirits)

AperitifPrice (£)Qty
Martini Vermouth Bianco / Rosso / Dry75 cl
Aperol85 cl
Bitter Campari85 cl
Ricard85 cl

Sweet Liqueurs Drinks Menu (Spirits)

LiqueurPrice (£)
Amaretto Disaronno8
Grand Marnier8
Bailey's Irish Cream8

Bitters Liqueurs Drinks Menu (Spirits)

LiqueurPrice (£)
Amaro Averna8
Fernet Branca8

Sherry & Port Liqueurs Drinks Menu (Spirits)

LiqueurPrice (£)
Sherry Harveys Bristol Cream8
Porto Sandeman Ruby8

Beer Selection Drinks Menu

BeerDescriptionQtyPrice (£)
HeinekenDraught Beer40 cl7.50
Other TapAsk what else is on tap20 cl4.50
Heineken NetherlandsLager33 cl8
Amsel Light NetherlandsLager33 cl8
Sol MexicoLager33 cl8
Dos Equis MexicoLager33 cl8
Stella Artois BelgiumLager33 cl8
San MiguelLager33 cl8
Budweiser USALager33 cl8
Beck's GermanyPilsner33 cl8
Nastro Azzurro ItalyPilsner33 cl8
Desperados FranceFlavoured Beer33 cl9
Affigem Blond BelgiumAbbey33 cl9
Guinness IrelandStout33 cl9
Franziskaner GermanyWeissbier50 cl8
John Smith's Extra Smooth EnglandAle50 cl9
Newcastle Brown Ale EnglandAle33 cl8
Heineken 0.0 NetherlandsAlcohol-Free Beer33 cl8
Strongbow EnglandCider33 cl8

From Our Wine Selection Drinks Menu

WineTypeGlass Price (£)Bottle Price (£)
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin BrutChampagne79
Moet & Chandon Brut ImperialChampagne76
Nicolas Feuillatte BrutChampagne1560
Cruase Rose Metodo Classico DOCG, TortiSparkling Wines9.5038
Prosecco Ice, CantiSparkling Wines935
Prosecco DOC, ValdoSparkling Wines831
Asti DOCG, FontanafreddaSparkling Wines831
Chablis Le Classique AC, Domaine Pascal BouchardWhite Wines1248
Pinot Grigio DOC, Cantina Abbazia di NovacellaWhite Wines1040
Cotes des Roses Chardonnay, Gerard BertrandWhite Wines1040
Sauvignon Friuli DOC, Le Vigne di ZamoWhite Wines9.536
Pinot Grigio DOC, Le Vigne di ZamoWhite Wines831
Viognier Terre Siciliane DOC, Baglio di GrisiWhite Wines831
Chardonnay Borgo Tesis DOC, FantinelWhite Wines831
Cote des Roses Rose, Gerard BertrandRose Wines1040
Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC, CasettoRose Wines831
Cabernet Cicogna DOC, CavazzaRed Wines1248
Cote des Roses Pinot Nior, Gerard BertrandRed Wines1040
Cabernet Sauvignon, WoodbridgeRed Wines1040
Regale Rosso Toscana IGT. AndreucciRed Wines1040
Chianti DOCG, Fattoria San FabianoRed Wines831
Baron de Pardo Crianza DOCA, Nava-RiojaRed Wines831

Fruit Juices Drinks Menu

Fruit JuiceDescriptionPrice (£)
Bottles (20 cl)Pear, apple, peach, mango, tomato, ACE, apricot3.50
Fruit Juices by the Glass (20cl)Orange, pineapple, grapefruit, green apple, cranberry3

Mineral Water Drinks Menu

Mineral WaterDescriptionPrice (£)
Still or sparkling 1 l3.50
Still or sparkling50 cl2.50

Soft Drinks Menu

Soft DrinkQtyPrice (£)
Red Bull25 cl5.50
Sodas33 cl3.50
Ice Tea33 cl3.50
Sodas by the Glass30 cl3

Caffetteria Drinks Menu

DrinkPrice (£)
Defaffeinated coffee2.20
American-style coffee2.20
American-style coffee with milk2.80
Caffe latte4.50
Hot chocolate4.50
Glass of milk1.50
Hot tea3.20
Irish coffee9.50
Baileys coffee9.50


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