Can You Live On A Cruise Ship?

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Imagine waking up on the ship deck in the middle of the sea with the water glowing like crystals as the sun shines above it? If this idea sounds fascinating to you, then you are surely one of those who can live the cruising life.

However, there is more to this than just floating from one place to another in your ship. For starters, you might have questions like how is survival possible on a cruise ship? Or what is the yearly cost? Well, hold tight to your anchor as we will clear away all your queries in this article covering the “A-Z” of living on a cruise ship.

Who was the first person to live on a cruise ship?

Living on a cruise ship is what sounded practically impossible some time back but has now become a lifestyle for many people. Although there is no clear evidence of who was the first person to live on a ship, a name does make rounds in this regard.

Maria Salcedo is a 65-year-old American businessman who has been living on a cruise ship for about 23 years now. Popularly known as “Super Mario”, he has reserved his place on the list of elite passengers for living on a cruise ship.

What is it like to live on a cruise ship?

Before getting on the ship for the rest of your life, it is essential to know what perks and pitfalls you will face so you can prepare for the journey accordingly.


Every day is a new adventure

This is probably the most captivating feature of living on a cruise ship; you wake up in a new place every morning without worrying about the logistics. The ship itself moves from one destination to another and takes you along. Also, you don’t even have to pack your luggage again and again because it’s a one-time task!

The cost depends on your journey

Traveling on a cruise ship can be more budget-friendly compared to other options. The overall cost of your trip depends on:

  • The itinerary of the journey
  • Which cruise line do you pick
  • The luggage you plan to take along with you

You can even share the journey with a group to further reduce the cost as everyone pays according to where their room is located on the ship. If you pick an interior stateroom, you can surely save hundreds of bucks with ease.


You can’t stay in one place for long

There are times when you fall in love with a destination and want to spend a good amount of your time there. Nevertheless, being on a cruise ship takes away this chance from you. Since you are constantly on the go, cruising also means that you can stay at a place for no longer than a day.

It can be expensive!

Although we did mention above that living on a cruise ship is economical, it is subjective to how long you plan to stay on board. If you plan to have a long journey, then you should also be aware of the cost of living, which includes tips, medical care, and not to forget dining.

How to embark on your cruise ship trip

Now that we have explored the good and bad of living on a cruise ship, let’s look into some possible options that can allow you to begin this journey.

Switch from one cruise to another

If you feel that staying on the same cruise ship for the rest of your life will be boring, then you can follow in Mario Salcedo’s footsteps. The plan included booking cruises back to back and preparing to go from one port to another.

Many cruise ship companies put up their itineraries a year or two before the journey so you can book your future cruises conveniently. In addition, you can also get loyalty points and rewards for being a regular cruiser. This helps you set sail without it costing you a pretty penny.

Buy your own cruise

Living on a cruise ship for the rest of your life is similar to buying a new home and staying there. So this means that you also have the option to invest in your “new residence” by getting your own cruise. Multiple companies offer from one to three-room cruise ships.

The cost can vary depending on how extravagant your cruise ship is and what features it offers. To top that off, you will also be required to pay for the yearly maintenance cost of the ship. It is more practical to opt for a boat that meets your needs.

Tips you should have at your fingertips for the cruise life

Now that we have everything sorted, here are the important things that you should have in mind before getting on the cruise forever:

Test before you commit

Living on a cruise ship initially sounds like a great idea, but it is undoubtedly not for everyone. To see if you are ready for it, you should first try going on ships with different cruise lines. This will help you figure out if you are a fit for this lifestyle and make picking the right cruise line easier.

Plan your expenses

Living on a cruise ship means you should have all the costs in mind to see if it lies within your range. Consulting a financial planner will make this job easier as you can discuss your budget along with getting a handful of tips on how to save money.

Prepare for the best and the worst

Being in the water round the clock means medical assistance won’t just be around the corner. So, if you plan to live full-time on a cruise, take your doctor’s advice on all the essential medication you should take along.

Summing it up!

Living on a cruise ship can be an enthralling experience as it has a lot in store for you. From exploring the world to discovering new cultures and surroundings, this lifestyle allows you to unveil what would have stayed hidden from you back at your (old) home!




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