Is Cruising Just For Old People?

Is Cruising Just For Old People?

Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with a group of people, cruising is always a fun and exciting prospect. It is a wonderful way of seeing the world and exploring the unknown by traveling everywhere on a ship. Cruise ship tours are highly popular, and their profits have also increased to over 27 billion U.S dollars in recent years. If you are planning a cruise trip, you must be aware of the misconception that cruising is only for seniors, and very few young adults are found on such trips.

Today we are here to burst all of these myths and tell you all of the reasons why cruising isn’t just for older adults.

Do Cruises Only Include The Older Age Group?

Most cruises are popular among British and people from other nationalities who are 60 and over as it allows them to travel all around the world with comfort and the latest technology. When you book a cruise, you will find people of all ages, including people in their 30s up to their 80s, and not a specific age group.

However, the good news is that cruising is a fun opportunity for young adults and offers them an all-exclusive experience. These days there are cruises that cater to young adults and also provide them with thrilling activities according to their interests and age group.

What Kind Of People Go On A Cruise?

Other than senior citizens who have retired and want to spend their time relaxing, there are multiple kinds of people out there who enjoy cruising like anything. This includes global explorers, relaxation seekers, hopeless romantics, workaholics, and people who just want to socialize with others. In fact, there are people who also get paid to travel, which is quite exciting and worth giving a shot, especially if you’re a young adult.

Reasons Why Cruising Isn’t Just For Oldies

Exciting Excursions

As young adults, people between the age group of 24 to 35 are all about visiting historical and exciting cities. There are many cruise companies that offer their packages keeping this in mind. They offer cruise packages that include visiting different cities such as Istanbul, Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, and Bora Bora Island. Also, you will get guides throughout the trip who fill you in about all the key attractions of different places and what they are famous for.

Ease of Travel

Did you know that in the past years, cruise passengers have increased from 149 thousand in 2000 to 666 thousand in 2019?

If you’re a young adult who is on leave for a specific number of days and want to travel to the maximum number of cities you can, a cruise trip can be the best option you have. On a cruise, you will be able to visit multiple places together without having to worry about going all alone. As the average cruise sailing ranges from 5 to 14 nights, you will be able to visit quite a lot of places during that time. Unlike air travel, you will actually have fun on the cruise itself as well.

Fun Activities

If you have taken multiple flights and traveled a lot by plane, then we are sure that you must have felt bored at times during a long flight. If you can’t sit still and always want to be a part of something happening, you will be glad to know that a cruise offers plenty of fun activities. These activities include climbing walls, water slides, theatre shows, comedy setups, musical nights, and exotic cuisines. Moreover, you will also get to enjoy spa days, continue your gym routine, and go for a swim in the cruise pool.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When you are traveling on a cruise, you will find out that you can eat whatever and whenever you want as there is 24-hour access to food. There is no concept of formal dining or only gathering at a certain time so that you can have your meals. You can dress up however you like and not have to worry about food as there is tons of variety that you can choose from. If you feel like spending some me-time, you can pull on some pj’s, grab your favorite book and just lie down on the deck while you enjoy the views and the breeze.

Advanced Gadgets

While a cruise trip can be the perfect way to help you disconnect from the world, it can keep you connected, depending on what you want. Thanks to recent advancements and technology, most things are done online and through gadgets. You can not only bring your gadgets along, but you will also find wearable tech on the cruise. For example, if you want to enter your room, want to buy something, or need some kind of navigation, the gadget will help you do it all.


If you do some right research, you will find out that a cruise trip can be budget-friendly, and it will help you wash away the misconception that cruises are only for the wealthy. If budget is an issue, make sure you look out for affordable group packages or seasonal discounts. Also, if you count your room, with access to food, entertainment, and all other facilities, you will realize that a cruise trip can be a better option than taking flights and living in expensive hotels.

Cruising can be the ultimate way of enjoying your life without too much pressure as you won’t have to follow a schedule and live exactly as you want to. Moreover, wouldn’t you want to smash the cruising stereotypes by going on such a trip with family members or close friends? We think that would be amazing. If you are a young cruiser, hopefully, we were able to clear out the common misconceptions regarding cruising among people. Have a fun trip!




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