Fred Olsen Cruises Room Service Menu

Check out the Fred Olsen Room Service Menu. Please note breakfast is served from 7am – 10am.
Not available on embarkation or disembarkation.

Lunch & Dinner Available between 10am and 11pm.


Fred Olsen’s Breakfast Room Service Menu

ItemDescriptionTime ServedPrice
Bakery BasketFreshly baked selection of rolls and pastries with your choice or butter, Flora and preserves7am - 10am
Cold BeveragesOrange Juice | Mango Juice | Pineapple Juice | Prune Juice | Apple Juice Milk | Tomato Juice | Skimmed Milk7am - 10am
Hot BeveragesFresh Coffee | Herbal Tea | Decaffeinated Coffee | Lemon Tea | Breakfast Tea | Hot Chocolate7am - 10am
Chilled Stewed Fruits & YoghurtPlain Yoghurt | Figs | Fruit Yoghurt | Apricots | Prunes Pears | Peaches Mixed Fruits7am - 10am
CerealsWeetabix | Corn Flakes | Special K | All Bran | Frosties | Rice Krispies | Coco Pops | Muesli | Shredded Wheat | Bran Flakes7am - 10am


Fred Olsen’s Lunch & Dinner Room Service Menu

Soup of the dayServed with freshly baked rolls & butter
Smoked Salmon PlatterServed with toast & cream cheese
Ploughman's PlatterGala Pie, Stilton, ham, coleslaw & pickles
Chef's SaladHam, cheese, turkey with tomato & cucumber. Served with a choice of Thousand Island, Honey Mustard or Vinaigrette Dressings
Classic Caesar SaladServed with jumbo shrimps or sliced chicken breast
Traditional Club with Turkey & Bacon
Tuna with Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Cucumber
Roast Beef, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickles
Ham, Cheese & Tomato
Open Faced Sandwich with Baby Shrimps & Mayonnaise
Mozzarella, Tomato & Lettuce with Pesto Sauce
Cakes of the Day | Crème Caramel | Fresh Fruit Salad
A selection of afternoon tea pastries are available between 15.30hrs & 18.00hrs
Chilled Juices & Milk | Orange | Grapefruit | Milk
Traditional English | Darjeeling | Assam | Earl Grey | Camomile Served with sugar & milk or lemon
Regular or Decaffeinated CoffeeServed with milk Available between 10am and 11pm.