Princess Cruise Line’s Room Service Menu

Check out the Princess Cruise Line’s Room Service Menu. Check for up-to-date options when browsing the tv in your stateroom.


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Food Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
Cheese Plate (v)Contains Milk, TreeNut4
Fruit Plate (v)Complimentary
Guacamole Dip & Tortilla Chips (v)Complimentary
Hummus Dip & Veggies4
Loaded Cheesy Fries (v)Complimentary
Maki - California Roll12
Maki - Shrimp Roll12
Maki - Spicy Tuna Roll*12
Caesar Salad (v)Complimentary
Chef's SaladContains Milk, EggComplimentary
Chicken Egg - Noodle SoupComplimentary
Greek SaladComplimentary
100% Beef Burger*Complimentary
100% Beef Hot DogComplimentary
Grilled Chicken SandwichComplimentary
Grilled Chipotle-Lime Chicken TacoComplimentary
Grilled Chicken SandwichComplimentary
Grilled Chipotle - Lime Chicken TacoComplimentary
Steak Frites, 8 oz Filet*19
Veggie Burger (v)Complimentary
Cheese Quesadilla (v)Complimentary
Chicken FingersComplimentary
Classic Grilled Cheese (v)Complimentary
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (v)Contains PeanutComplimentary
Chicken Salad SandwichComplimentary
Double-Decker Clubhouse SandwichComplimentary
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (v)Contains: PeanutComplimentary
Princess Egg Muffin*Complimentary
Roast Beef Sandwich*Complimentary
Roast Turkey SandwichComplimentary
Tuna Salad SandwichComplimentary
Vegetarian Sandwich (v)Complimentary
French Fries (v)Complimentary
Fruit Cup (v)Complimentary
Potato ChipsComplimentary
Mixed Greens Salad (v)Complimentary
Three-Bean Chili (v)Contains: AlcoholComplimentary
Pizza Capricciosa3
Pizza Margherita (v)3
Pizza Pepperoni3
Pizza Romana3
Pizza Vegetariana (v)3
Shrimp Cocktail8
Banana PuddingComplimentary
Chocolate CakeComplimentary
Chocolate Chip CookieComplimentary
Creme CaramelComplimentary
Fruit TartletComplimentary
Gluten Free Hazelnut Chocolate MousseComplimentary


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Grill Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
a - Black Tiger Prawn and Papaya SalpiconContains: Alcohol8
a - Mediterranean-Style Spiny Lobster Cake, Tarragon FoamContains: Alcohol8
a - Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops, Salmon Cavier, Herb Beurre BlancContains: Alcohol8
b - Black and Blue Onion SoupContains: Alcohol7
b - Marinated Goat Cheese and Tomato Salad7
b - Shrimp and Pancetta BisqueContains: Alcohol7
b - The Grill Salad, Grape-Balsamic Dressing7
c - New Zealand Double Lamb Chops 9oz*Contains: Alcohol19
c - Filet Mignon* 8ozContains: Alcohol19
d - Kansas City Strip* 16ozContains: Alcohol19
d - New York Strip* 12ozContains: Alcohol19
d - Rib Eye* 14ozContains: Alcohol19
e - Chilean Sea Bass and Brioche-Breaded King Prawns*Contains: Alcohol19
e - Grilled Jumbo Prawns in Whiskey, Chili and Garlic MarinadeContains: Alcohol19
e - Mussel and Smoked Sausage PotContains: Alcohol19
g - Apple & Rhubarb Cobbler5
g - Key Lime Pie Bar5
g - Salted Caramel Creme Brulee Cheesecake5
g - Triple Chocolate Treasure5
g - Warm Chocolate Mousse Trifle5


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Bistro Sur La Mer Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
b - Cormesquis d-escargot ail et fines herbes8
b - Filet de Saumon, legerment fuma a la Parisienne, OEuf Mimosa*8
b - Pate en croute8
b - Tartare de thon ahi*8
c - Bisque de homard8
d - Salade de saison (v)8
e - Le fish and chips de la Mer19
e - Quenelies de vivaneau et St. Jaques*19
e - Quenelies de vivaneau et St. Jacques*19
e - St Jaques roties*19
f - Filet de boeuf poele19
f - Gratinee de pomme de terre et fromages (v)19
f - Magret de canard19
g - Barre chocolat5
g - Gelee de citron, orange et pamplemousse rose bugnes5
g - Ile fiottante5
g - Le Baba au rhum creme chantilly a la vanille5


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Beverages Delivery Menu

Butter Pecan LatteContains: Milk3.50
Cafe Latte3
Espresso Double2.50
Espresso Macchiato2
Espresso Macchiato Double3
Flat White3
Freshly Brewed Coffee1.25
Honey Lavendar LatteContains: Milk3.50
Irish CoffeeContains: Alcohol8
MochaContains: Milk3.25
Vanilla Bean LatteContains: Milk3.50
Hot Chocolate1.50
Chamomile Citrus Tea2
Ginger Twist Tea2.00
Marrakesh Mint Tea2
Organic Breakfast Tea2
Organic Earl Grey Tea2
Organic Spring Jasmine Tea2


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Beer Delivery Menu

Stella ArtoisContains: Alcohol6.25
StrongbowContains: Alcohol6.75
TigerContains: Alcohol6.75
Miller LiteContains: Alcohol6.25
Peroni Nastro AzzurroContains: Alcohol6.75
Red StripeContains: Alcohol6.75
Samuel Adams Boston LagerContains: Alcohol6.75
HeinekenContains: Alcohol6.25
Heineken 0.0Contains: Alcohol5.50
Heineken LightContains: Alcohol6.25
Lagunitas IPAContains: Alcohol6.75
Corona ExtraContains: Alcohol6.75
Dos Equis LagerContains: Alcohol6.25
Foster's Oil Can 25 ozContains: Alcohol10
GuinnessContains: Alcohol6.75
Blue Moon Belgian White AleContains: Alcohol6.25
Bud LightContains: Alcohol6.25
BudweiserContains: Alcohol6.25
Coors LightContains: Alcohol6.25


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Cocktail Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
Aperol SpritzContains: Alcohol7.75
Bee's KneesContains: Alcohol8
Black RussianContains: Alcohol8.25
Bourbon & BloodContains: Alcohol8
Brandy AlexanderContains: Alcohol10
BrasilinhaContains: Alcohol8
Brushmills CollinsContains: Alcohol7.50
CaipirinhaContains: Alcohol7.50
Crown Royal Old FashionedContains: Alcohol8
Cuba LibreContains: Alcohol7
FloradoraContains: Alcohol8
GimletContains: Alcohol8
Gin DaisyContains: Alcohol7.75
Gin JulepContains: Alcohol8.50
GreyhoundContains: Alcohol8.50
GreyhoundContains: Alcohol8.50
LimelightContains: Alcohol8
Melon LemonadeContains: Alcohol8.75
MimosaContains: Alcohol6.50
Mint JulepContains: Alcohol8.50
Moscow MuleContains: Alcohol8.50
NegroniContains: Alcohol9.50
Old FashionedContains: Alcohol8.50
Pimms CupContains: Alcohol7
Pineapple MojitoContains: Alcohol7.50
The Perfect StormContains: Alcohol8
Vanilla White RussianContains: Alcohol8.25
Whiskey SourContains: Alcohol8
White RussianContains: Alcohol8.25
Coconut MojitoContains: Alcohol7.50
London LemonadeContains: Alcohol7.75
Long Island Iced TeaContains: Alcohol10
Lynchburg LemonadeContains: Alcohol8.25
MadresContains: Alcohol8.50
The Perfect StormContains: Alcohol8
Apricot FizzContains: Alcohol10
Apricot SourContains: Alcohol8
Beverly Hills Iced TeaContains: Alcohol10
Bourbon & Spiced PearContains: Alcohol8.75
Bushmills Irish BuckContains: Alcohol12.75
Cafe FizzContains: Alcohol12
CephalopunchContains: Alcohol8
Champagne LushContains: Alcohol18
Champagne RoseContains: Alcohol21
DunesContains: Alcohol9
Egyptian ZombieContains: Alcohol8.25
El DiabloContains: Alcohol8.75
Italian SunsetContains: Alcohol8.25
Italian TeaContains: Alcohol10
Ivory CoastContains: Alcohol8.75
Jack Daniel's SmashContains: Alcohol8
Elderflower PalomaContains: Alcohol8.75
French 75Contains: Alcohol10
Georgia TeaContains: Alcohol10
Gienlivet Speyside CiderContains: Alcohol8.75
Mayan MeatContains: Alcohol8.75
Mexican MuleContains: Alcohol8.50
Passion For the OrientContains: Alcohol8.50
Pina en Fuego8.50
French 75Contains: Alcohol10
Gienlivet Speyside CiderContains: Alcohol8.75
Mayan HeatContains: Alcohol8.75
Mexican MuleContains: Alcohol8.50
Passion for the OrientContains: Alcohol8.50
Pina en FuegoContains: Alcohol8.50
Rose Old FashionedContains: Alcohol8.75
Sicilian KissContains: Alcohol8.75
Tokyo TeaContains: Alcohol10
VerjusContains: Alcohol8.75
White IndianContains: Alcohol8.25
Bloody SpiritContains: Alcohol8
Bloody CaesarContains: Alcohol9.50
Bloody MariaContains: Alcohol8
Bloody PirateContains: Alcohol8.50
24k Gold MargaritaContains: Alcohol9.75
El Mejor MargaritaContains: Alcohol9.75
Mango MargaritaContains: Alcohol9.75
Beso Del Sol SangriaContains: Alcohol8.75
Captain's BountyContains: Alcohol8.25
Cranberry CoolerContains: Alcohol8.50
Bahama MamaContains: Alcohol9.75
Blue HawaiianContains: Alcohol9.75
Dirty BananaContains: Alcohol9.25
Loco CocoContains: Alcohol8.75
Original DaiquiriContains: Alcohol8.75
Dark & StormyContains: Alcohol8
Hawaiian TropicsContains: Alcohol7.75
HurricaneContains: Alcohol8.50
IllusionContains: Alcohol8.75
Bloody ScotsmanContains: Alcohol8
Ultimate Bloody MaryContains: Alcohol8.50
Ultimate MicheladaContains: Alcohol7.75
Mint DivineContains: Alcohol8
Paradise PunchContains: Alcohol8.75
Sea BreezeContains: Alcohol8.50
The Red CrystalContains: Alcohol8.75
Ultimate CoolerContains: Alcohol8.50
Ultimate Mai TaiContains: Alcohol8.75
Strawberry MargaritaContains: Alcohol9.75
Ultimate Patron MargaritaContains: Alcohol9.75
Bahama BreezeContains: Alcohol7.50
Tequila SunriseContains: Alcohol8.50


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Spirits Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
Buffalo TraceContains: Alcohol8
BulleitContains: Alcohol8
Jack Daniel'sContains: Alcohol7.50
Jim BeamContains: Alcohol7
Knob CreakContains: Alcohol8
Maker's MarkContains: Alcohol8
Johnnie Walker BlueContains: Alcohol25
Johnnie Walker Red LabelContains: Alcohol7
Seagrams 7Contains: Alcohol6.50
Seagrams VOContains: Alcohol7
Talisker 10yrContains: Alcohol8
CazadoresContains: Alcohol7.50
Cuervo 1800Contains: Alcohol8
Cuervo GoldContains: Alcohol7
Don Julio BlancoContains: Alcohol7.50
Hennessey VSContains: Alcohol10
Hennessey VSOPContains: Alcohol15
Remy Martin VSOPContains: Alcohol8
Remy Martin XOContains: Alcohol19
AviationContains: Alcohol8
BeefeaterContains: Alcohol8
Bombay SapphireContains: Alcohol7.50
GordonsContains: Alcohol7
AbsolutContains: Alcohol7.50
Absolut CitronContains: Alcohol7.50
Absolut ElyxContains: Alcohol8
Absolut LimeContains: Alcohol7.50
Absolut RaspberriContains: Alcohol7.50
Absolut VanillaContains: Alcohol7.50
Crystal HeadContains: Alcohol8
Grey GooseContains: Alcohol8
Appleton EstateContains: Alcohol7.50
Bacardi 8Contains: Alcohol8
Bacardi OakheartContains: Alcohol7
Bacardi White SuperiorContains: Alcohol7
Captain Morgan, SpicedContains: Alcohol7.50
Captain Morgan, WhiteContains: Alcohol7
Goslings, DarkContains: Alcohol7.50
Malibu, CoconutContains: Alcohol7
Katel OneContains: Alcohol8
Russian StandardContains: Alcohol7
SkyyContains: Alcohol7
StolichnayaContains: Alcohol7
Tito'sContains: Alcohol8
Canadian Club Seagram's VOContains: Alcohol7
Chivas RegaiContains: Alcohol8
Cregganmore 12yrContains: Alcohol8
Crown RoyalContains: Alcohol7.50
Dalwhinnie 15yrContains: Alcohol8
DewarsContains: Alcohol6.50
Dewar's 12 YearContains: Alcohol8
Glenfiddich 12yrContains: Alcohol8
KahluaContains: Alcohol7.50
Patron cafe XOContains: Alcohol7.50
SambucaContains: Alcohol8
Tia MariaContains: Alcohol7
AmerettoContains: Alcohol7.50
AmarulaContains: Alcohol7.50
BaileysContains: Alcohol7.50
Glenkinchie 12yrContains: Alcohol8
Glenlivet 12yrContains: Alcohol8
JamesonContains: Alcohol7.50
CointreauContains: Alcohol8
DrambuieContains: Alcohol8
FrangelicoContains: Alcohol7.50
Grand MarnierContains: Alcohol7.50
JagermeisterContains: Alcohol8


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Martini Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
007 Classic Grey GooseContains: Alcohol10
007 Classic HenricksContains: Alcohol10
Amaretto ManhattanContains: Alcohol10
BascaratContains: Alcohol9.50
Bailey's RaspberryContains: Alcohol9.50
BugsyContains: Alcohol9.50
Cable CarContains: Alcohol10
CosmopolitanContains: Alcohol9.50
FlamingoContains: Alcohol9
French MartiniContains: Alcohol10
LemontiniContains: Alcohol9.50
ManhattanContains: Alcohol10
MargaritiniContains: Alcohol10
Milky WayContains: Alcohol10
Mint ChocolateContains: Alcohol10
Ocean's 11Contains: Alcohol9.50
Rob RoyContains: Alcohol10
SidecarContains: Alcohol11.75
Sour AppleContains: Alcohol10
SouthsideContains: Alcohol9.50
Toasted AlmondContains: Alcohol10
TropitiniContains: Alcohol9
Ultimate CosmopolitanContains: Alcohol10
VesperContains: Alcohol10


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Soda & Mocktails Delivery Menu

Fresh Fruit Punch1.50
Fruity Rita5.50
Grapefruit Juice`1.75
Bloody Shame5.50
ChocobananaContains Milk, Chocolate5.50
Cranberry Cooler5.50
Cranberry Juice1.75
Gosling's Ginger Beer2.95
Natural Spring Water (500ml)2
Natural Spring Water 1.5l3.95
Orange Soda, Can2
Key West Cooler5.50
Mango Blood5.50
Orange Juice1.75
Pineapple Juice1.75
Club Soda Fountain1.50
Club Soda, Can2
Strawberries on Fire5.50
Sunshine Daiquiri5.50
Tomato Juice1.75
Diet Coke, Can2
Ginger Ale Fountain1.50
Ginger Ale, Can2
Perrier, small bottle2.65
Red Bull4.50
Root Beer, Can2
San Pellegrino, small bottle2.65
Sprite Fountain Soda1.50
Sprite, can2
Tonic Water Fountain Soda1.50
Coca Cola, can2
Coke Fountain Soda1.50
Diet Coke Fountain1.50
San Pellegrino 1L3.95
Tonic Water, can2


Princess Cruise Line’s OceanNow Wine Delivery Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice ($)
Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Vascos, BtlContains: Alcohol35
Chianti Nippozano Frescobaldi , BtlContains: Alcohol49
Chianti Nippozano, Frescobaldi, GlsContains: Alcohol13
Merlot, Decoy, BtlContains: Alcohol46
Blend, Ancient Peaks The Renegade, BtlContains: Alcohol42
Blend, Ancient Peaks The Renegade, GlsContains: Alcohol11
Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Aussieres, BtlContains: Alcohol39
Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Aussieres, GlsContains: Alcohol10
Prosecco, Mionetto Brut Gold, BtlContains: Alcohol40
Prosecco, Mionetto Brut Gold, GlsContains: Alcohol11
Rose, Charles & Charles, BtlContains: Alcohol37
Rose, Charles & Charles, GlsContains: Alcohol9
Blend, Conundrum, BtlContains: Alcohol46
Chardonnay, Decoy, BtlContains: Alcohol40
Chardonnay, Decoy, GlsContains: Alcohol11
Chardonnay, Domaine Aussieres, BtlContains: Alcohol39
Chardonnay, Domaine Aussieres, GlsContains: Alcohol10
Grunar Veitliner, Laurenz V. Singing, BtlContains: Alcohol39
Pinot Grigio, Attems, GlsContains: Alcohol11
Pouilly-Fume, Pascal Jolivet, BtlContains: Alcohol46
Reisling, Gunderloch, Red Stone, BtlContains: Alcohol39
Reisling, Gunderloch, Red Stone, GlsContains: Alcohol10
Shiraz, D'Arenberg The Footbolt, BtlContains: Alcohol41
Shiraz, d'Arenberg The Footbolt, GlsContains: Alcohol11
Sauvignon Blanc, Dashwood, BtlContains: Alcohol39
Sauvignon Blanc, Dashwood, GlsContains: Alcohol10
Shiraz Blend, Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block, BtlContains: Alcohol48
Merlot, Decoy, GlsContains: Alcohol12
Pinot Noir, MeiomiContains: Alcohol47
Pinot Noir, Meiomi, GlsContains: Alcohol11