Virgin Voyages Room Service Menu

Virgin Voyages room service menu is a set menu. You can order whatever you want. All you need to pay is a $5 delivery fee.

Here are all the menus:

Please note prices and items can change so please check with your cruise line when ordering.


Ship Eats No Stomach Left Unturned (Breakfast Menu)

You can order through the SAILOR APP or Dial EXT 604271 or 604272

ScrambledScrambled eggs, chives, yukon gold potato, roasted tomatoes, choice of: Bacon, Bangers & Smoked Salmon
Carbo-DazzleNutella stuffed french toast with roasted banana, whiopped cream, maple syrup choice of: bacon, bangers & smoked salmon
EnergizerEgg white frittata with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes
Fresh Fruit & BerriesChef's selection, house made date & almond protein bar
Grains & CerealsChoice of: Oatmeal, Granola, Muesli, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies
Fresh From Our BakeryChoice of: White bread, Wheat bread, Gluten free bread, Croissant, Pan au chocolate, Smoked cheddar & jalapeno croissant, Blueberry muffin, Guava Pastelito, Maui Morning Muffin
Milk & YogurtFor cereal or coffee: Regular, Skim, Half & Half, Plain Yoghurt
JamStrawberry, Grape, Orange Marmalade
CondimentsSugar, Sugar in the raw, Splenda. Honey, Lemon, Butter


Ship Eats No Stomach Left Unturned (Food Menu)

11am – 5am

Chicken Noodle SoupStartersGarden Vegetables
Little Gem Wedge SaladStartersBlue cheese dressing, bacon, roasted garlic bread crumbs
Braised PolpettineStartersSan Marzano tomato, smoked mozzarella, pancetta
Beet HummusStartersQuinoa Lavosh
Charcuterie & Cheese PlateStartersProsciutti, salami cotto, aged parmesan, gorgonzola, pear mostardia, eggplant coponata, wildflower honey
Roasted Cauliflower SteakMainsPickled fresno chili, pomegranate seeds, vadouvan tahini
Cheddar CheeseburgerMainsSesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, chips
Pappardelle Al RaguMainsBolognese, parmigiano reggiano
Slow Roasted Striped Bass (gf)MainsMole verde, salsa de xoconostle
Roasted Chicken BreastMainsWild mushroom sauce, asparagus, marble potatoes
Grilled New York StripMainsCaramelized onion, potato, brussel sprouts, steak sauce
Combination of popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, gummy bears, trail mixSnacks
White chocolate coated confetti cake popDessertsVanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles, wild strawberry compote
Blueberry - Green Tea Vegan CheesecakeDessertsPistachio crust, lemon "cream"
Red Velvet Cookie CakeDessertsSmooth cream cheese frosting


Mini Bar & Retail Menu

Ryder WineChardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon15
Moet & ChandonChampagne45
Crafthouse CocktailsGold rush, moscow mule, paloma, pineapple daiquiri, rum old fashioned, smokey margarita, southside13
Stray the courseWynwood brewing co.7
Booze freeRed bull5
Booze freeRed Bull (sugar free)5
Yaya Kombuchaoriginal9
Booze freeLondon Essence co. Tonic5
Booze freeLondon Essence co. Ginger Beer5
RetailIntimacy Kit (time to play kit)30
RetailWellness Kit (sail into sleep kit)30
RetailSextant Corckscrew (pop it like it's hot)25
OctopusOur spirit animal toy12
Complimentary WaterNatura WaterFree


Drinks Menu

Coffee Intelligentsia Coffee including decaf. Choice of milk: regular, skim, half & halfComplimentary
Intelligentsia CoffeeSingle Expresso$3
Intelligentsia CoffeeDouble Expresso$5
Intelligentsia CoffeeSingle expresso (decaf)$3
Intelligentsia Coffeedouble expresso (decaf)$5
Intelligentsia Coffeecapuccino$4
Intelligentsia CoffeeLatte$4
Intelligentsia Coffeeamericano$3
Intelligentsia Coffeemacchiato$3
Teaearl gray, english breakfast tea, chamomile, green tea, decafComplimentary
Jojo Teamorning after breakfast, mint blend, shiva hibiscus rose blend, kasturi black, pranna chiya green, jasmine cloud, everspring oolong$5
Fresh Orange Juice$5

Bevs Menu

Morning or eve up to you

Half Bottles of wine 375mlMoet & chandon imperial brut$45
Half Bottles of wine 375mlRyder chardonnay$15
Half Bottles of wine 375mlRyder cabernet sauvignon$15
Full bottles of wine 750mlMoet & chandon imperial brut$95
Full bottles of wine 750mlChateau minuty provence$62
Full bottles of wine 750mlVilla sandi pinot grigio$29
Full bottles of wine 750mlsea sun chardonnay$47
Full bottles of wine 750mlMotanzas creek sauvignon blanc$58
Full bottles of wine 750mlChalk hill pinot noir$58
Full bottles of wine 750mlFelino malbec$45
Full bottles of wine 750mlStag's leap artemis cabernet sauvignon, napa$114
Crafthouse Cocktails 200mlGold rush, moscow mule, paloma, pineapple daquiri, old fashioned, smoky margarita, southside$13
Beers by the canAmstel light$6
Beers by the canCorona Extra$6
Beers by the canHeineken$5
Beers by the canWynwood brewing co.$7
Premium Non-AlcoholicRed bull$5
Premium Non-AlcoholicRed bull (sugar free)$5
Premium Non-AlcoholicHeineken 0.0$5
Premium Non-AlcoholicYaya kombucha original$6
Premium Non-AlcoholicYaya kombucha ginger$6
Premium Non-AlcoholicLondon essence tonic$5
Premium Non-AlcoholicLondon essence Ginger beer$5