Why Do Cruise Ships Ban Surge Protectors And Power Strips?

Why Are Power Strips Banned On Cruise Ships?

One of the many things that people ask when they board a cruise ship is why they don’t allow passengers to bring surge protectors or power strips onboard a cruise ship. Check out this article below to find out why power strips are banned.

Power strips are banned on cruises because they can cause fires, especially if you have an extension cord plugged into them while in port. This could be dangerous for your fellow passengers as well as yourself.

Surge protectors are also not allowed on cruises because they will interfere with the ship’s electrical system. If there was ever a problem with the electricity aboard the ship it would affect all of its systems at once which could lead to problems like fire alarms going off, lights flickering, etc…

Why Are Power Strips Banned On Cruise Ships?

What Would Happen If You Tried To Bring A Power Strip On A Cruise Ship?

If someone tried to sneak one onto their stateroom during boarding, here’s what might happen:

1) The security guards may notice something suspicious about the person who brought it onboard. They’ll probably confiscate it and take it back to the room where it belongs.

2) Once inside the cabin, the passenger will find out that he/she cannot plug anything into any outlets without permission from the captain. He/She won’t get this permission unless the captain knows exactly how much current each outlet draws. This means that even though the passenger has a surge protector, it doesn’t matter because the captain wouldn’t let him use it anyway.

3) When the cruise ends, the passenger will return home empty-handed. No surge protector, no plugs, nothing!


What Would Happen If There Was A Power Surge On A Cruise Ship?

If there were any sort of major power outage on a cruise ship then it would likely take several hours before anyone knew about it. The first thing that would happen is that the emergency lighting would come on. Then the crew would start checking every room to make sure everyone had enough food and water. They might even check the lifeboats just to see how much time they’d need to get away from the ship.

If the power went out completely then the ship would probably lose propulsion and stop moving forward. It wouldn’t matter where the ship was located; it would still drift until someone noticed it. Once this happened the captain would try to contact other nearby vessels by radio but he may only receive weak signals due to interference caused by the stormy weather. He would use his radar to find another vessel so he could send help over their radios.

The next step would be to evacuate the ship. First, the crew would go through each passenger cabin making sure no one was left behind. Next, they would move down the hallways looking for more survivors. Finally, they would search outside the ship for others who needed assistance.


Do Cruise Ships Have A Backup Power Supply?

Yes! Most modern cruise ships have backup generators that run independently of the main engines. These generators provide power to everything else on the ship including air conditioning units, elevators, computers, phones, televisions, refrigeration equipment, pumps, fans, toilets, showers, laundry machines, kitchen appliances, and anything else that needs electricity.

These generators usually work automatically whenever the main engine stops running. However, some cruise lines require that these generators be manually turned on during emergencies such as storms. In addition, most cruise ships now include battery-powered backup generators that kick in automatically should the main generator fail.


Why Do Some Cruise Lines Allow Surge Protectors And Power Strips To Be Brought Onboard Their Vessels?

Some cruise lines allow people to bring surge protectors and power strips onto board their ships. Why? Because they want to ensure that their guests’ electronics stay safe when they’re on board. Many times, however, the ports that cruise ships visit don’t offer outlets or plugs for charging devices. So, many travelers end up bringing along extra batteries and chargers just in case something happens.


How Can I Charge My Devices During An Emergency?

There are two ways you can charge your electronic devices while aboard a cruise ship. You can either buy an adapter at port or carry around multiple USB cables with you. Both options will keep your gadgets charged throughout the entire trip.


How Long Does It Take For A Cruise Line To Respond After Something Goes Wrong With A Passenger’s Electronics?

It depends on what kind of problem occurs. If there is damage done to the device itself then the company responsible for repairing the item will take care of it right away. But, if the issue involves a malfunctioning charger or outlet then it might not happen immediately because the repair person has to wait for parts to arrive before fixing the problem. The average time frame between receiving notice about a broken piece of technology and having it fixed varies depending on how busy the ship is.


What Are The Alternatives To Power Strips?

USB Charging Stations

When traveling by plane, train, bus, etc., you’ll find plenty of places where you can plug into wall sockets to recharge your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, GPS unit, MP3 player, and other small items. While this works great for those situations, it doesn’t always translate well to cruising. That’s why so many cruisers use portable USB charging stations instead.

Power Banks

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device that uses lithium-ion batteries, you may need one of these handy little power banks. They come in all shapes and sizes but typically hold enough juice to fully charge a couple of smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and even fitness trackers.

Power banks come in both disposable varieties and rechargeable ones which can provide several charges over the course of a long voyage. Most also feature LED lights that let users know exactly how much energy remains in them. This way, no matter whether you’re using a single bank or a few different types, you won’t run out of power unexpectedly.

Solar Chargers

A solar panel is essentially a large sheet of glass covered with photovoltaic cells. These cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar panels work best during daylight hours and tend to be most effective in areas with lots of direct sun exposure such as deserts, beaches, parks, rooftops, and parking garages. However, some models can generate usable amounts of power even under cloudy skies.


Are There Different Voltage Plug Sockets On A Cruise?

Yes! Cruises often offer guests access to shoreside electrical outlets along with onboard 110-120 VAC outlets. Some ports only allow 110V AC service whereas others accept 120V AC. In addition, some ships operate off 220/240V AC systems. So, when planning your itinerary make sure to check ahead of time to see what type of voltage system they’re running.


Which Cruise Ships Are Surge Protectors Banned?

Surge protection units are banned from being used aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class vessels due to their size and weight. Other cruise lines include: Carnival Corporation & plc, Celebrity Cruises Inc., Costa Crociere SpA, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line N.V., Princess Cruises Ltd., Regent Seven Sea Limited, Seabourn Holdings LLC, Silversea Cruises Ltd


Are Surge Protectors Banned On Marella Cruise Ships?

Marella Group has been known to prohibit the use of surge protectors on its ships. If you book a stateroom on a Marella’s vessel, you will not be allowed to bring your own surge protector onboard. You must purchase an approved charger at the port if you want to keep your electronics charged while docked.


Are Surge Protectors Banned On Royal Caribbean Ships?

Royal Caribbean does not permit the use of surge protector plugs on its ships. The company says that because of the high cost associated with replacing damaged equipment, it wants passengers to avoid bringing anything that could damage electronic items.


Are Surge Protectors Banned From Carnival Cruise Ships?

Carnival Corp. prohibits the use of surge protector plugs on its ships. It claims this policy helps reduce the risk of damaging shipboard electronics by preventing people from plugging multiple devices into one outlet.


Are Surge Protectors Banned From Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises bans the use of surge protectors on all of its ships. According to the company, these devices pose a safety hazard for crew members who may need to perform maintenance tasks around sensitive computer hardware.


Are Surge Protectors Banned From P&O Cruise Ships?

P&O Cruises also forbids the use of surge protector plugs on its ships. This includes both P&O Australia and P&O Europe brands.


Is there any way I can charge my laptop or phone without using a surge protector?

There are several ways to recharge your device without having to worry about surges. Here are just a few options:

Use solar chargers – Many laptops come equipped with built-in solar charging capabilities. These work best in direct sunlight but can still provide enough juice to get through most days. If you don’t have access to natural light, consider purchasing a portable battery pack like the Anker PowerCore+ 20000mAh Portable Charger.


Check out this video on YouTube where a couple explain why Cruise Ships ban power strips

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