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What Are Poop Decks On Cruise Ships?

Cruise Ship At Night

Have you ever wondered what poop decks are on a cruise ship? Find out why they are called this in the article below!

What Are Poop Decks On A Cruise Ship?

A poop deck on a cruise ship was traditionally used to provide a high point of view for passengers. It is also known as an observation platform or promenade deck. The term “poop deck” comes from its original use by sailors who would stand at the top of the mast while sailing ships were underway. They could see everything that was happening around them, including other boats and landmasses.


Where Does The Name Poop Deck Come From?

It came from the French word La Poupe which means ‘the beak’. This refers to the shape of the bow of a boat with the stem being higher than the stern. When it was first introduced into English usage, the name referred to the fact that the bow resembled a bird’s bill. In time, however, the meaning changed to mean any elevated area where people can enjoy views.


What Has Happened To Poop Decks?

Poop decks have been replaced by more modern viewing platforms such as glass-walled elevators and sky bridges. However, some cruise lines still offer these traditional areas for their guests. Some cruise lines even continue to call them poop decks because there is no better way to describe them.


How Do You Know If Your Cruise Line Offers Poop Decks?

If your cruise line offers poop decks then you will find them listed under amenities when booking your trip online. Alternatively, if you want to know whether or not your cruise has poop decks, ask one of the staff members during check-in. Most cruise lines do not advertise their poop decks but many will tell you about them once you start asking questions.


Did The Titanic Have A Poop Deck?

The Titanic had two poop decks located near the front of the ship. These were actually small balconies that allowed passengers to look down onto the waterline. There were only four toilets onboard so all of the men went up together and all of the women went up separately. Each group shared a bathroom. One toilet was reserved for children.


What Is The Difference Between A Poop Deck And A Quarterback?

There is a difference between a poop deck and a quarterback. A poop deck is usually found on large passenger liners whereas a quarterback is typically associated with smaller vessels like yachts. Both types of decks allow passengers to get great views of the sea. But a poop deck allows you to watch the ocean go past underneath you. A quarterback gives you a different perspective. It lets you see over the side of the vessel rather than looking straight down.


Do You Poop On The Poop Deck?

Many people ask this question, however, the poop deck is not a deck where you take a poo. Restrooms are the only place to do this.


Why Would Someone Want To Go Up On A Poop Deck?

1. Viewing the Ocean: While most cruise ships today feature glass walls and elevator rides, some older ships still have poop decks. These give passengers a unique opportunity to take in the sights without having to climb stairs.

2. Getting Away From People: With glass ceilings everywhere, poop decks provide an escape from other passengers who might be annoying you.

3. Being Alone: Sometimes we need to step away from our friends and family and spend quality alone time.


Where Did Sailors Poop?

Sailors used to use the poop deck as a restroom until it became too unsanitary. Nowadays they use port facilities instead.


Are Poop Decks Safe For Kids?

Yes! Children love going up on poop decks because they feel safe knowing that adults are watching out for them. They also appreciate being able to view the ocean while sitting safely above ground level.


Which Cruise Ship Was The Last To Have A Poop Deck?

The Titanic was the last cruise to have a poop deck.


History Of The Poop Deck On The Titanic

The docking bridge was elevated on this deck, and underneath it was a door leading to the Steering Gear Room. There were benches for passengers and overhanging the stern was a flagstaff with a flag of the White Star. 2 cranes lifted the forward end of the deck. The length of the poop deck was 128 feet.  There was a door leading to the steering gear room under the bridge.

When the Titanic sank the Poop Deck was the final deck to submerge. The passengers of the Titanic gathered at the poop deck just before the Titanic fully submerged. It is believed 1100 people gathered at the poop deck.


What Did Swabbing The Poop Deck mean?

Swabbing the poop deck meant cleaning the area around the ship’s toilets. This included scrubbing the floor and any areas near the toilets. In addition, swabs could be placed into buckets which would then be taken below decks to clean the water tanks.


What Is The Latin Word For Poop Deck?

It comes from the Latin word puppis, which means just what it is – an enclosed deck at the stern of a ship.

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Do Modern Cruise Ships Have Poop Decks?

Modern cruise ships no longer have poop decks but many modern cruise lines offer special excursions or tours to visit these historic locations. Some even allow guests to stay overnight on board so they can experience life aboard a real sailing ship.


How Did Pirates Poop On A Ship?

Pirates did not actually go up onto the poop deck. Instead, they went down into the hold and relieved themselves there. However, pirates often had their own toilet arrangements such as barrels filled with sand or clay.

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