Why Do Cruise Ships Ban Surge Protectors And Power Strips?

Why Are Power Strips Banned On Cruise Ships?

One of the many things that people ask when they board a cruise ship is why they don’t allow passengers to bring surge protectors or power strips onboard a cruise ship. Check out this article below to find out why power strips are banned. Power strips are banned on cruises because they can cause fires, […]

How Do Cruise Ships Get Fresh Water?

How Do Cruise Ships Get Fresh Water

How does a Cruise Ship get fresh water? Find out in this article below to find out how!   Cruise ships get fresh water by pumping ocean water through pipes into tanks where it sits until needed. Then, the water goes back out into the ocean via an underwater pipe called a “riser tube.” When […]

How To Board A Cruise Ship?

How To Board A Cruise Ship

Boarding your cruise ship will be the most important step of your cruising holiday! Check out this article below to find out how. On Arrival At The Cruise Terminal The arrival and check-in process for a cruise ship can be chaotic, but it’s usually organized. Your cruise line will let you know when to arrive […]

How Fast Do Cruise Ships Go?

How Fast Do Cruise Ships Go

Have you ever wondered how fast a cruise ship actually goes? Check out this article below to find out which cruise ships are the fastest and why. The average cruising speed for most modern cruise liners is around 14 knots. This means that when traveling under full power, a cruise liner will travel approximately 1 […]

How Do Cruise Ships Float?

How A Cruise Ship Floats

One of the most common questions in the cruise industry is how a cruise ship floats in water. Read the article below to find out why and what factors affect how a cruise ship floats. Why do cruise ships float? The answer to this question has been debated for years. The most common theory states […]

How To Prevent Seasickness On A Cruise Ship?

How To Prevent Seasickness On A Cruise Ship

Seasickness is a horrible thing to have and for some people it’s unavoidable. In this article you will find tips and advice on how to help prevent seasickness from happening. “The best way of treating seasickness is to start by taking natural remedies such as ginger biscuits or anything that has the ginger spice. Failing […]

MSC Cruises Restaurants

MSC Cruises Restaurants

Dining on the MSC is one of the main things you will do on your cruise. The food and service are excellent, but there’s a lot to choose from! You can eat in any restaurant or buffet area that suits your mood – whether it be casual dining with friends at an outside table overlooking […]

What is a Muster Drill on a cruise?

Muster Drill on a cruise ship

A muster drill (also known as a lifeboat or a boat drill) is one of the most important things all cruise lines must do before the ship departs for the first time. It’s the only boring part of your vacation but it’s a legal requirement to help keep you safe in the event of an […]

A-Z Of Cruising

Ocean Cruise

Check out our A-Z list of cruising. There should be something for every cruise enthusiast! A: Aft Balconies Aft balconies are found at the back of the ship. If you have an aft balcony you will usually find these are hotter than the average balcony due to the ship blocking the wind. You will also […]

Marella Cruises Drinks Package Guide

Marella Mojito

Marella Cruises (TUI) are considered one of the best cruise lines to use mainly because they include all inclusive drinks as standard in all cruise bookings. Standard all inclusive and premium all inclusive apply to all Marella ships including Marella Dream, Marella Celebration, Marella Discovery and the Marella Explorer ships. What’s included in standard all […]