30 biggest cruise ships in the world

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Cruise ships have always enamored people with their luxury, elegance, and grandeur. Over the years, these remarkable vessels have grown in size to accommodate more guests and offer an array of entertainment and amenities. In this article, we will explore the biggest cruise ships in the world, marveling at their immense dimensions and the incredible experiences they provide.

Some of the biggest cruise ships in the world:

  1. Symphony of the seas

Topping the list is the Symphony of the Seas, a gigantic ship owned by Royal Caribbean International. With a length of 1,188 feet and a weight of 228,081 gross tons, this floating marvel can carry nearly 6,680 passengers. Its impressive size allows for an array of facilities onboard, including 20 different restaurants, 23 swimming pools, and a thrilling 10-story slide known as the Ultimate Abyss.

  1. Aboard Allure

Following closely behind the Symphony of the Seas is its sister ship, the Allure of the Seas. Also owned by Royal Caribbean International, this ship offers a slightly smaller yet still impressive experience. With a length of 1,187 feet and a weight of 225,282 gross tons, the Allure can accommodate up to 5,484 passengers. This ship features the Central Park neighborhood, complete with real trees and plants, as well as an onboard theater for Broadway-style shows.

  1. Harmony in the Sea

Completing the Royal Caribbean trifecta is the Harmony of the Seas. This massive ship, measuring 1,188 feet in length and weighing 226,963 gross tons, can host a staggering number of 6,780 passengers. Onboard, guests will find an array of thrilling activities, including a zipline, a 10-story slide, and a robotic bar. The ship also boasts seven distinct neighborhoods, each offering its own unique experience.

  1. Majestic Meraviglia

Moving to the fleet of MSC Cruises, we encounter the MSC Meraviglia. At 1,036 feet long and weighing 171,598 gross tons, this ship is another impressive addition to the world of cruising. With a capacity of 4,488 passengers, the MSC Meraviglia offers a range of amenities, including a promenade featuring a LED ceiling, an aquapark, and an interior promenade dotted with restaurants and shops.

  1. Splendor of the Seas

Not to be outdone, the Norwegian Cruise Line presents the Norwegian Epic. With a length of 1,081 feet and a weight of 155,873 gross tons, this ship can accommodate up to 4,100 passengers. The Norwegian Epic features an array of unique activities, including an ice bar, a waterpark with multiple slides, and a wide variety of dining options. It truly lives up to its name by offering an epic cruising experience.

  1. Sailing Serenade

Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the Serenade of the Seas is another notable entry on our list. With a length of 965 feet and a weight of 90,090 gross tons, this ship can carry approximately 2,490 passengers. Despite its slightly smaller size, the Serenade offers an elegant and intimate experience. Guests can enjoy various dining options, a rock-climbing wall, and a multi-level theater for entertainment.

  1. Carnival’s Conquest

The Carnival Conquest, owned by Carnival Cruise Line, is an impressive ship known for its vibrant onboard atmosphere. With a length of 953 feet and a weight of 110,000 gross tons, it can accommodate around 3,959 passengers. This ship offers a wide range of activities, including a variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges. Onboard entertainment includes stage shows, comedy clubs, and even a water park.

  1. The Queen’s Domain

No list of cruise ships is complete without mentioning the iconic Queen Mary 2, owned by Cunard Line. While not as large as some of the newer ships, the Queen Mary 2 still holds its ground with a length of 1,132 feet and a weight of 148,528 gross tons. This majestic vessel can host up to 2,695 passengers and boasts luxurious cabins, a planetarium, a library, and a stunning ballroom.

  1. Radiance of Opulence

Rounding off our list is the Radiance of the Seas, another remarkable vessel from Royal Caribbean International. With a length of 962 feet and a weight of 90,090 gross tons, this ship can accommodate up to 2,501 passengers. Onboard the Radiance, guests can indulge in fine dining, enjoy panoramic ocean views from the glass-walled elevators, and even play a round of golf at the onboard mini-golf course.

Check out this table which contains the 30 biggest cruise ships in the world based on tonnage:

RankName of ShipCruise LineGross TonnageLength (meters)Passenger CapacityYear Entered Service
1Wonder of the SeasRoyal Caribbean23685736269882022
2Symphony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean22808136266802018
3Harmony of the SeasRoyal Caribbean22696336266872016
4Oasis of the SeasRoyal Caribbean22683836267802009
5Allure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean22528236267802010
6Costa SmeraldaCosta Cruises18501033752242019
7IonaP&O Cruises18408934552002020
8MSC GrandiosaMSC Cruises18154133148422019
9MSC VirtuosaMSC Cruises18154133148882021
10MSC MeravigliaMSC Cruises17159831545002017
11MSC BellissimaMSC Cruises17159831545002019
12AIDAnovaAIDA Cruises18390033754002018
13Norwegian EncoreNorwegian Cruise Line16911633339982019
14Norwegian BlissNorwegian Cruise Line16802833340042018
15Norwegian EscapeNorwegian Cruise Line16499833542662015
16Norwegian JoyNorwegian Cruise Line16772533338832017
17Quantum of the SeasRoyal Caribbean16866634841802014
18Anthem of the SeasRoyal Caribbean16866634841802015
19Ovation of the SeasRoyal Caribbean16866634841802016
20Spectrum of the SeasRoyal Caribbean16937934742462019
21Carnival Mardi GrasCarnival Cruise Line18180834452822021
22ArviaP&O Cruises18500034552002022
23Costa DiademaCosta Cruises13250030637242014
24Carnival VistaCarnival Cruise Line13350032239342016
25Carnival HorizonCarnival Cruise Line13350032239602018
26Carnival PanoramaCarnival Cruise Line13350032240082019
27Celebrity EdgeCelebrity Cruises13081830629182018
28Celebrity ApexCelebrity Cruises13081830629102020
29Celebrity BeyondCelebrity Cruises14060032732602022
30AIDAcosmaAIDA Cruises18390033754002021


These colossal cruise ships redefines the meaning of grandeur and provide a remarkable experience for passengers. From thrilling activities and innovative attractions to world-class dining and luxurious accommodations, these floating cities offer an unparalleled